Trivia Shows

Live Team TriviaTM


For something really different, treat your guests to a Live Team TriviaTM show! Our unique shows combine trivia questions with some humor, a few anecdotes, and a little extra fun & frivolity, too! (Fun is our specialty, after all!)


Our trivia shows are unique in that the questions are hand-selected for your specific venue and type of crowd. No one else anywhere will have the same combination of questions that we’ll ask your guests! We custom design each show to fit your unique needs, taking into account your customers’ musical tastes, age group, etc. The questions can cover any subject, from popular culture and music questions, to more scientific or "nerd trivia",to even or twenty years of music history, or even sixty! We tailor the show to make it fun and pertinent, and to suit your particular audience and keep them interested and involved.


Further, the shows can be entirely music oriented, or can include TV, movies and/or sports categories if you wish, and can even offer the customer other categories, for a real brain-twister!


Since you have to see it to believe it, we offer great introductory rates for this show. Please call for more info if you would like to learn more.




Guess This TuneTM


If you remember and love the old game show Name That Tune, then you will LOVE “Guess This Tune”! Keystone’s own proprietary spin on the popular game, our show will keep your guests on the edge of their seats as they try with everything they’ve got to remember the names of their favorite old songs from 3 months ago, 3 years ago, and even 3 decades ago (or more if desired), in all genres of music.


Our show is tailored to your specific needs, and can be structured in rounds pertaining to various decades, or by genre. We can also mix the songs up for each round and make the songs harder as the night goes on.


If you are the owner of a bar, nightclub or restaurant, we can make the prizes tie in with your venue, such as gift certificates which will bring them and their friends back to your establishment, or drink cards good for their next visit. Another popular choice is to do a tie-in with a vendor who will sponsor the drink specials and nightly giveaways.


At private and public functions alike, a Guess This Tune show is a great way to help friends or co-workers loosen up and interact with other guests, And since we encourage everyone to form teams of two or more if they wish, and come up with fun or silly names for their teams, it really creates a sense of camaraderie, as well as a healthy competitive spirit! People love a good game among friends! Luncheons, conventions, and parties of all types have a great time with this type of entertainment. Please call us to discuss how it can be a smashing success at your next event!




Keystone’s newest addition to our family of trivia and game shows, SporTriviaTM is all of the fun of the above game shows, but with the questions pertaining to all things sports!! Whether you are holding an event before, during, or after a sporting event, or you are just trying to pacify your guests’ “withdrawal symptoms” during the off-season, our shows will delight and challenge even the most proficient sports aficionado!


Since all of our trivia questions are hand-selected every week, prior to the day of the show, your game show will be perfectly suited to your guests. It can be tailored around one particular sport, or it can cover all major sports, and even throw in “wildcards” to test their knowledge in other sports.


If you are a public venue, the show can be tied in with your vendors to supply drink specials, giveaways and/or prizes that will keep your guests entertained and coming back week after week. Please call and let us help you create the perfect show for your event!

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