Fun Is Our Specialty!

There’s nothing else like a Karaoke show to brighten everyone’s spirits and have them loosen up, laugh a little, and interact with one another. Plus, a few of your guests with some “previously undiscovered talent” may even bring the house down!


Karaoke is an interactive form of fun that involves two things people already love—music and singing—so it brings folks together in a way that nothing else can!


Karaoke also bridges the generation gap; at many a family gathering, we often see mother/daughter, grandfather/grandson, etc., get up and sing along together to a beloved standard, oldie or classic tune. And at private parties and public events as well, it’s not uncommon to see newly made friends who may be 20, 30, or even 50 years apart in age, suddenly singing along to a song together!


Keystone also adds all the newest titles every week, so if your crowd is young, and hungry to sing the hottest hits, they will be delighted with—and amazed by—our huge selection! 


And if you want something beyond a traditional Karaoke show, we can also provide you & your guests props and/or costumes, and even backgrounds, lighting or additional sound reinforcement, as desired. Nothing is impossible; just ask, and we’ll find a way!


You can also mix in a little video or trivia to your Karaoke show if you wish. Or you can offer your guests a Karaoke contest, lotto, roulette, or even a “Gong Show”, all complete with prizes! The sky really is the limit, so call us for more info; we will be happy to go over all the details of holding one of these promotions at your establishment.


KARAOKE rentals


If you are having a smaller event, or a very lengthy one where you would like to offer Karaoke all day long, and a Karaoke DJ just isn’t in the budget, then why not try a Karaoke rental? Rates are very affordable, and the packages are available on a daily, weekend, or weekly basis.


If you already have your own Karaoke machine (and you feel that it is sufficient for the size of room in which your event is being held), and all you need is a better selection of songs than what you currently own, you can also choose to just rent or purchase the additional Karaoke music from us!


Thousands of different Karaoke titles are available, so please call us for more info on various packages and rates. We have music for every age group & musical taste.


You may also rent just the equipment for a DJ, Karaoke, or other type of event. If you want to try your hand at emceeing, you may rent a sound system and host your event yourself! Please call us and let us know what your needs are, and we will match you to the perfect equipment to suit your event.


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